Charity Challenges


Charity Challenges offer the opportunity for you to fulfil a lifetime ambition. Or something a little more modest.


SASBAH OFFERS YOU THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME TO UNDERTAKE A CHALLENGE IN THE UK OR ALMOST ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! It could be a challenge as simple as losing a few pounds, but it could also be something like:

• Skydiving from 10,000 feet • Trekking to the “secret” city of Machu Picchu in Peru • Trek coast-to-coast across the UK • Trek the Great Wall in China • Cycle London to Paris • Run one of the Big City marathons • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania • Descend into and trek the Grand Canyon (US) • Kayak through the Thailand jungle • Dog sledding through the Swedish Lapland

Each challenge is run by an experienced operator with a proven track record. Your choice of challenge, anything from 3 to 12 days, is suited to your physical abilities and the extent to which you wish to challenge yourself. Every challenge is undertaken as part of a group, with a qualified guide/leader, and medical support.

YES, Please!! What do I have to do?

Your commitment is to raise funds to pay for the challenge, with a proportion going to SASBAH, which will be your chosen charity. Time is allowed for this (it could take up to a year, depending on the challenge), and full support is given, though fund-raising is very much part of your challenge.

What support will I get?

SASBAH will be working with an established tour operator, and support to you will include:

• Fundraising advice/ideas, and help with setting realistic targets • Establishing a personalised ‘Just Giving’ or similar page for receipt and management of donations • A personal contact to help you through the ‘difficult times’ when motivation is needed • Provision of promotional material about SASBAH to help you ‘sell’ yourself to sponsors • Help with your training programme • Local press publicity (if desired) • Medical support before and during the challenge • Insurance • Realistic advice based on having done it!!

Are any challenges suitable for those with disabilities?

Yes; a few accessible challenges are available, though the choice will inevitably be much more limited. SASBAH will be pleased to help with any specific reque


How can I find out more and sign up?

Simple! Just contact Claire or Tony at SASBAH – details below – and we’ll send you more specific information, and talk you through what’s involved. We recognise that the idea may seem a little scary, but we will be realistic, and help you choose an option that is a fair challenge for you. So come and talk to us without any obligation.

Call Claire on 07920 576313 or e-mail Or Call Tony on 07920 576312 or e-mail    

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