Community Fundraising


Community Fundraising is a vital part of how we raise money, and takes many forms. It also helps to raise awareness of what SASBAH does and the disabilities we support, so that we increase inclusiveness throughout the whole community. It therefore serves two very important purposes.

SASBAH has a regular presence in many towns across East and West Sussex, but our goal is to be active in every town across the region, and to create opportunities for new and appealing events that really put us on the map. To do this, we are increasing our drive for volunteers in all areas and have created the role of Ambassador to complement and promote our presence throughout the two counties.

Some of the ways we raise funds in the community are:

  • Street and store collections, which take place throughout the year, but mainly in the summer months, in various towns. These require volunteers who enjoy chatting to people, and who are happy to spend a couple of hours in support of the charity. We need many more if we are to increase our profile in other towns that we have not traditionally had a significant presence. Any person interested should contact Claire on 07920 576312 (for East Sussex) or Dave on 07896 802124 (for West Sussex).
  • Local and regional fairs and shows, where we often have a stall which sells various items, from local produce to new and second-hand items that have been donated to us. We have a few volunteers who are excellent at planning and organising this type of event in their locality, but we are looking for others to widen SASBAH’s reach. It offers a highly satisfying way to contribute to your community, so please consider if you could help us in this way. Contact Claire or Dave as above for further information, both of whom will provide ‘hands-on’ support for every event.

  • Local Community Group activities, where individual groups decide how to raise money to keep their groups going, and to contribute to the wider costs of running SASBAH. Initiatives have included holding garden parties, a sponsored ‘knit’, raffles, and a large evening gala ball. All it takes is ideas and joint effort from the group. So, if you are near one of the Groups, why not join in? Again, contact Claire or Dave as above for further information.

  • Special events, which can take many forms. We hold charity dinners, put on events for the public (such as a music evening), hold tombolas and raffles at various events (such as the Worthing Thunder Basketball games and at quiz nights), hold an annual Golf Day, hold a large annual summer barbeque, link with other groups to raise funds (such as the Crowborough Ladies Darts team), and many other activities. Again, we need volunteers and Ambassadors to help plan, promote and run these events. Claire and Dave are your contacts for these.

  • A Clothes Bank, which takes in donations of reasonable condition second-hand or outdated clothes, and ensures they are recycled. We need everyone to look out and donate clothes, and to collect clothes from their friends and acquaintances – if you would like to help in this way, please contact Dave on 07885879388

We welcome other ideas and interest. For a diary of all planned events, please click here

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