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SASBAH’s wide range of services and programmes are designed to offer direct support and increase opportunities in life for each and every person in Sussex with Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus. All are linked, and provide a fully integrated pathway for people to develop, learn and grow towards sustained independence wherever possible.  All SASBAH staff are able to refer people to the most appropriate form of support, and each person is able to take advantage of as many of our services as they wish.

Among the main services and programmes available are:

  • The SASBAH Adviser Service provides information, advice, support and advocacy for individual service users and their families in many different subjects, including health care, housing, transport, financial benefits, employment, family support, personal care, and independent living.  For more information, click here
  • The SASBAH Special Needs Education Advice Service, part of the Adviser Service, works with children, families and schools to enable children with the conditions to get the best from their education.  For more information, click here
  • The SASBAH Social Programme offers a variety of events and opportunities for social gathering throughout the year, averaging 10 events each month spread out across the county, and contributes significantly to increasing social skills and relieving anxieties and fears about joining in community life. For more information, click here
  • The ‘Sussex Buddy’ Scheme is open to those with any significant disability, and pairs individual service users with a volunteer buddy to enable them to access community life, including more specific social and leisure activities, and the routine aspects of independent living such as shopping, visits to the doctor or bank, etc.   For more information, click here
  • The SASBAH Family Support Programme offers direct assistance in the home environment and residential breaks for family groups which allow respite (through care offered to children on the breaks) and opportunity for mutual support with other families and carers.  For more information click here
  •  The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, for which SASBAH became an approved centre in late 2009, and for which we support participants with disabilities to enter and gain Awards at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.  For more information, click here
  • The ‘Bourne Free’  Youth Club offers fortnightly sessions for young people under age 25 with any disability,  and is an exciting developmental facility to help young people socialise and have fun while learning new skills.  It  also puts on special activities during school holidays. For more information, click here
  • Special Projects take many forms, such as cookery, designing and producing plays, growing your own produce, etc.  These reflect the needs and desires of our young people.
  • The Residential Breaks Programme provides 4-5 holidays each year for different groups ranging from adults only, through children and young people, to families and those who need a break simply to offer respite for carers.  All will include suitable activities, some entertaining, some highly challenging to help to increase self-confidence and self-reliance.  Every break is accompanied by a team of qualified professionals.  For more information, click here
  • The SASBAH Clinic is a specialist consultant-led team run jointly with the NHS at Chailey Heritage in East Sussex, offering specific health care advice and treatment for all service users over age 16, including a full annual check-up.  SASBAH Advisers are always on hand to talk to everyone attending the clinic. For more information, click here
  • The SASBAH Supporters Committee, comprising a group of service users, offers input to planning future services and a consultation forum for specific issues and/or life challenges.
  • Saspire, the SASBAH Training and Enterprise Centre, enables service users to train, gain work experience, and manage their transition to employment.  Included in the work of the Centre are monitored personal support plans for every participant.  The Centre operates through winning service contracts and through direct trading activity, providing a wide range of different skills and team development opportunity.  For more information, click here
  • The SASBAH  Local Community Group Network operates in 5 major districts across the two counties.  It provides mutual self-help support for service users and their families in particular towns and districts across East and West Sussex, and will raise awareness within the local community of the conditions with a view to increasing social inclusion for this group.  For more information, click here
  • The Community Development Programme seeks, through a wide range of  events in towns throughout Sussex, to create broader awareness and understanding of the conditions and of disabilities more generally, and to encourage greater volunteering from within the community so as to increase community cohesion and social inclusion.  For more nformation, click here
  • Welfare Grants are available to cover small essential needs, such as equipment or adaptations, where statutory funding assistance is unavailable. For more information, click here
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