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The SASBAH Community Development Programme

Aims to raise, and maintain, awareness of the conditions of spina bifida and hydrocephalus, and of the needs of those that have the conditions, in local communities throughout Sussex. It seeks to involve the local communities in supporting those with the conditions, including through active volunteering, in order to increase social inclusion and to create a more integrated society.

The programme has a number of elements, which include:

  • ‘Drop-in’ sessions at community centres where staff and experts are available to talk to those with an interest. These include professional advice for those with a personal interest or involvement, and general information for the wider public.
  • Awareness-raising events held in town centres or at local supermarkets, where the public can obtain information and talk to SASBAH staff, volunteers and members.
  • Local fetes and fairs, where SASBAH runs stalls involving local produce and providing information and helping people to discover ways of supporting those with disabilities.
  • Informational talks at schools to create better understanding of the conditions and the of need for a more inclusive culture – often there is very little appreciation of the effect of unintentional behaviour which excludes those with disabilities.
  • Meetings of SASBAH local community groups where information is exchanged and local consultation takes place about community support needs for those with the conditions.
  • One-off workshops on a wide variety of subjects, including social and educational, to assist personal and group development.

To help with this, we are always seeking active volunteers, and people who are prepared to become Ambassadors for the charity and its cause. The Community Development Team aims to increase SASBAH’s profile and people’s understanding of the conditions, and more generally to encourage support of those with disabilities in local communities.

To find out more, or to join the team, please contact Claire, the Community Team Manager, on 07920 576313 or by email at

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