Family Support


The SASBAH Family Support Programme

The Family Support Programme offers direct assistance in the home environment and residential breaks for family groups which allow respite (through care offered to children on the breaks) and opportunity for mutual support with other families and carers.

The main aim is to provide support for families, especially those with babies and very young children with the conditions, so that they are able to cope with the challenges of living with disability, whether their own or one of their family members.  The pressures on families are often underestimated, and this programme creates the opportunity to discuss with experienced SASBAH staff measures, including coping strategies, which can assist.

An important aspect of the programme is to put families in touch with others who are experiencing, or have experienced, similar problems, creating opportunity for peer support and friendship.  The establishment of the SASBAH Local Community Groups also offers help with family support, and creates a mutual self-help environment which has added much benefit in the community.

To contact the Family Support Programme, telephone the SASBAH Office on 01825 873045, or email

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