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The SASBAH Special Needs Education Advice Service

The Education Service aims to assist – through advice, guidance and advocacy – children and young people with special needs resulting from the conditions of spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus, so that the best opportunities are available to them to achieve their full potential. It also actively assists schools to better understand the conditions, their effects, and the support needs arising; and supports the families (and carers) of those with the conditions, so that they have the best strategies for the development of their children.

SASBAH’s special needs Education Adviser (EA) works across the two counties. With long experience in the teaching profession and in special needs education, and a deep knowledge of the conditions, the EA works closely with mainstream (and some special needs) schools to increase awareness and understanding, and specifically to advise on policies and strategies for maximising learning and education of those who have the conditions.

The EA supports individual children with the conditions, through

  1. helping families’ understanding and increasing their ability to provide the right home support;
  2. addressing the particular challenges at school faced by the children (eg attention deficit, communication difficulty, learning disability, lack of motivation or concentration, social exclusion, bullying, harassment, etc) – often through developing individual strategies in conjunction with parents and staff;
  3. advocacy support related to school placement or support with your education and health planning; and
  4. peer education of children in the class/school to help understanding and social inclusion.

To contact the Education Advice Service, telephone the SASBAH Office on 01825 873045, or email    

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